I’ve done a lot of writing about data and produced hundreds of slides covering every data topic imaginable. Most of this content production, however, has gone unpublished, remained hidden – in a constant state of update, rework, and evolution. This site my fledgling attempt to get it “out there” and share my thoughts and ideas with other data professionals – maybe bringing some learning or new insights and hopefully adding to the collective “body of knowledge” of data strategy, architecture, and management.

My data career started over 40 years ago, when I created my first data model. I had no idea whether that data model was any good, and – frankly – there was no way to tell! There was no science, no engineering, no best practices (beyond maybe “normalization”) – nothing but data gurus. I don’t trust gurus – I trust scientists and engineers. I often say that my entire career, since since developing that first data model and wondering whether it was any good, has been directed by the search for What Makes a Data Model Good?